Columbia hotel wellness center

The Columbia Hotel has a swimming pool and Wellness Center with a wide range of treatments aimed at maintaining the perfect psycho-physical shape.

Inside the Wellness Center you can find different routes to choose the one that best suits your needs, always with the advice and assistance of qualified personnel.

The Wellness Center is open in the morning from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and in the afternoon from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm, times may change due to special needs.

Children up to 8 years old are welcomed with joy and enthusiasm in our hotel, but they cannot enter the wellness centers for safety reasons, given the high temperatures and vapors.

Some images of the wellness center

Wellness paths

The Hotel Columbia Wellness & Spa has 2 wellness centers inside the structure, for a total of about 450 m² in total.

On the ground floor path “Emotions of Wellness”

Hammam with Tepidarium and Calidarium, Kneipp path, emotional shower with aromatherapy, tropicotherapy and chromotherapy, Relax sitting in the Thepidarium wrapped in the vapors, Relax sitting in the Calidarium, Sauna and Hydromassage PLUS the New Hydro Tank with 34 ° hot water, hydromassage, cervical blade waterfall , gearser millebolle, beds and benches Hydro, chromotherapy. Another 170 m² of wellness center including 70 m² of wet area which is added to the other pool always with hot salty thalassotherapy water and hydro-massages.

On the first floor “Ocean, Evasion!”

Salt grotto, Finnish Panoramic Sauna, relaxation area with chromotherapy, music therapy and herbal tea.

How are the wellness center routes carried out?

The routes depending on the package chosen, are timed or free routes.

In time:

If you have 3 hours, generally 1 hour and 30 minutes are entered in the afternoon of the arrival day and 1 hour and 30 minutes the morning before the departure.

Free and unlimited routes:

With entry all day, practically booking the unlimited Day SPA, you can stay all day in the morning, in the afternoon from 9-12.30 and from 15-19.30 in the time of the break you can clearly go out, or, stop in the relaxation area and if you prefer you can book a Light Lunch, or the menu of the day to choose between lunch – dinner or taste some dishes of the Menu à la Carte, drinks not included.

For those who have a wellness package that includes accommodation:

From the moment of your arrival to the time of your departure you can access the wellness center at your convenience without time constraints. You can also use the SPA in the afternoon of the day of departure by taking advantage of the locker rooms of the center.

Emotions of Wellness

  • Emotional shower with aromatherapy, tropicotherapy and chromotherapy
  • 2 Hydro tanks: 1 thalassotherapy, 1 with fresh water
  • Relaxing session in the Thepidarium wrapped in vapors
  • Hammam with Tepidarium and Calidarium
  • Kneipp type course
  • Finnish sauna
  • Journey time: 1h 30min

Ocean, Evasion

  • Finnish panoramic sauna
  • Relax area with chromotherapy
  • Music Therapy
  • Salt Cave
  • Tisaneria
  • List of Elements
  • Journey time: 1h 30min


Our wellness treatments

In the Wellness Center of the Hotel Columbia you can take care of your body by choosing between different wellness and beauty treatments.

The specialized staff will be able to assist you in all requests, advising you on the most suitable treatments for you, always with great courtesy and professionalism.

Here is a selection of the proposed treatments

  • Anti-cellulite and anti-drip mud (60 minutes)
  • Back and neck relaxation massage (25 minutes)
  • Chocolate mud (60 minutes)
  • Mud with natural clay (60 minutes)
  • Sweet clay mask (30 minutes)
  • Anti-stress massage (50 minutes)

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