The thermal centers of Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme is one of the most famous spas in the world, with a very rich and varied wellness offer. The thermal establishments are located within a vast park in the city center, therefore easily reachable from the Hotel Columbia.

What makes the thermal centers of Montecatini really special, in addition to the extraordinary scenographic context they offer, are their waters rich in beneficial substances for the body.

In combination with specific wellness treatments, the thermal waters become an important aid for the treatment of various pathologies . In particular they are indicated to improve tissue circulation and oxygenation; for the treatment of diseases related to the digestive system and the liver; to combat rheumatism, joint pain and respiratory problems.

The extraordinary beneficial properties of the thermal waters of Montecatini Terme had been known since Roman times. Today keeping intact the culture of wellness introduced in ancient times is the task of the thermal centers of Montecatini Terme, structures with imposing and scenographic architectures, designed to maximize the extraordinary naturalistic heritage of the thermal waters.

This thermal wealth is combined with a high-level wellness proposal that sees the Hotel Columbia at the forefront with its Wellness Center and the great outdoor swimming pool , which make it a reference point for relaxation in Montecatini Terme.

Not far from the Hotel Columbia there are in fact the main spas of the city.

Let’s discover the thermal centers of Montecatini together:

Terme Tettuccio

This is the largest establishment of the spa town, the building was conceived under the reign of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo around the end of the eighteenth century, before being expanded and completed in the twentieth century. The imposing salons, the ambulatory and the thermal spaces richly decorated with works by the artists of the time create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The waters of the Tettuccio spas have beneficial effects on the functionality of the liver and the digestive system.

The Excelsior Spa

The spa, built at the beginning of the twentieth century, welcomes you with its beautiful arcade with columns in pietra serena, embellished with finely decorated capitals decorated with arches and medallions depicting the illustrious men of the city. In the establishment you can perform various beauty and wellness treatments, including inhalation therapies, mud therapy or crenotherapy.

The Redi Spa

The establishment was built around 1965, according to a classic layout with rooms dedicated to the different types of wellness treatments. In particular, the Redi Thermal Baths are known for mud therapy and balneotherapy, treatments indicated to promote purification and oxygenation of the organism.

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