Montecatini Alto, the most splendid views I have ever seen

From our panoramic restaurant on the 5th floor it almost seems to touch him Montecatini Alto , a fundamental step for everyone our customers, we highly recommend it, is the first stop for all those staying in Montecatini Terme, even for a single day.

A pleasant visit that you could do in different ways, with your car (we provide you with a convenient parking in the center if you need ) from the boulevards that lead to the Panteraie, for the two sportsmen the roads, the traditional almost 4 km of good climb, or the more technical about 2 km next to the funicular that starts up a path arriving at the foot of the famous little train “ The Funicular “the legendary 2 Gigio and Gigia carriages of the 1800s, which during the season go on continuously from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm, pulled by ropes with counterweight from above until they meet in the middle to exchange lane always fascinating for an ancestral fear of being able to touch.

Arriving in Montecatini Alto, you immediately notice the medieval town, everything breathes old and beautiful from the past; from the houses, from the walls, from the stone paving that goes up and takes you to the main square, the true fulcrum of the town nestled on two hills and its valley entirely of olive trees, you can walk all over it from top to bottom in an hour of pleasant walk , and turning your gaze to the landscape that you can aim for, one of the most sublime, so it is written on a marble tile from Giuseppe Verdi … The most splendid panoramas that I have never seen, this says a lot about what awaits you in Montecatini Alto.

The history of the city must certainly be known, also because before the true city of Montecatini was there, in Montecatini Alto.

However, we talk about the present. The Piazza Giusti , a show, always in turmoil, alive and joyful, ready to welcome both tourists and local citizens, savor some typical features of the place and if you continue straight ahead, a short climb will take you to a another of the key places in the country and its community is the Church of San Pietro Apostolo visit it!

Inside you will also find a small museum that will surprise you, as the whole country will surprise you, with its foreshortenings, its past stories, imagined to live between the past and the future, hide within its walls, the alleys, it will be a short but intense experience.

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