Sguardi Di Versi, poetry goes to Mo.Ca. of Montecatini Terme

What do Catullo and Jovanotti, Joan Mirò and Corleone, Marina Abramovich and the photographer Cantini have in common? Apparently nothing except the unique and irrepressible passion for poetry .

Here is how “ Sguardi Di Versi ” was born, the exhibition hosted at Mo.Ca conceived and curated by Bruno Ialuna, Councilor for Culture of the Montecatini Terme Municipality, which has already attracted in the city numerous visitors and fans of poetry.

The exhibition, open to the public every day from 10.30 to 18.30 , brings together the works of numerous contemporary and non-contemporary artists, united by a single common thread: that of the poetic verses that have combined and sometimes combined with their works .

“Sguardi Di Versi” is more than just an exhibition. It is a cure, a panacea, a breath of fresh air that we should all give ourselves every so often, to divert ourselves even for a few minutes from the hectic pace of our everyday life.

Not to mention the beauty of the splendid municipal building which, without a doubt, is worth a morning visit alone. It is indeed the first ever civic gallery for Montecatini Terme , inspired by the big sisters Tate Gallery in London and Moma in New York.

The exhibition space also houses numerous world-class works, such as the paintings by Pietro Annigoni and Joan Mirò, or even the sculptures of the Swiss Claraz.

The exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art, an exceptional place for beauty and historical and cultural importance (it is one of the best preserved twentieth century buildings in Italy).

So don’t wait too long: you have time until Sunday 11 February you can come and visit it in the usual gallery opening hours.

For more information visit the website:

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